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Grafton to take the lead as principal at Kendall Elementary

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Marion Community Schools welcomes Trudy Grafton as our next principal of Kendall Elementary School.

Grafton is a veteran educator and a proven leader specializing in building and maintaining school cultures of academic and behavioral excellence while meeting the needs of economically and culturally diverse learners. She has been nationally recognized for professional development and school improvement.

“We believe strongly that Trudy Grafton is the right leader at the right time for Kendall Elementary School,” Marion Community Schools Superintendent Brad Lindsay said. “Her passion for and experience in serving schools and students who face challenging situations is a great fit for Marion schools. Trudy has a track record of influencing school cultures of academic and behavioral excellence while meeting the needs of diverse learners. We believe she will help us make better happen for all of our students, families, and community, as well as provide opportunity for our teachers and staff to grow professionally.”

Grafton said she is looking forward to this new opportunity.

“It will be an honor to work with the dynamic educational team at Marion Community Schools to support the learning of all students. I believe that high expectations equal high results. All children are capable of learning, and it is our responsibility to support their individual success,” Grafton said. “I believe in the power of yet; education is an ongoing process, and I am confident that we as a building team and as a district team will continue to increase the academic achievements of all students.”

Michele Smith, who is stepping into the role of Director of Elementary Education for Marion Community Schools, said she anticipates great things to come with the addition of Grafton to the team.

“Mrs. Grafton brings experience in building collaborative teams that will enhance the strong staff and parent involvement at Kendall Elementary. We look forward to taking literacy and learning to the next level,” Smith said.

Grafton earned her bachelor’s degree in education from Defiance College in Ohio, and earned her master’s in education from the University of Toledo, where she also went on to earn her education specialist certification in administration/supervision and curriculum/instruction.

“We believe that Trudy Grafton’s passion for learning, along with her team building experience, knowledge, and leadership, will inspire growth for both our staff and our students,” Lindsay said. “Marion Community Schools is committed to student-centered learning, to collaboration and continuous constructive change, and to equity and access for all students. Trudy will model and lead the way in all of these areas.”